Custom Trays

cleartrays.pngCustom made Bleaching trays are moulded to the exact shape of your teeth and are so thin and comfortable that you can go about your normal schedule and even talk with them in your mouth. The trays are made to hold the bleaching agent directly to your teeth and as you apply the whitening agent over a duration of time you will get greater, deeper, longer lasting results.

With any treatment over time your teeth will get stained again – how quick depends on your lifestyle. Owning custom trays means you can top up and maintain when needed. Power bleaching gives instant quick surface results, custom tray bleaching gives longer lasting results with a deeper whiteness.

As custom trays are made from a mouth impression of all the teeth except the molarscustom-tray-2-300x220 which mean you can whiten more teeth. Custom tray bleaching can be performed for 20-60 minutes a day until the desired whiteness is attained, then top up as needed.

Another benefit of using trays is that when you return for an LED treatment your teeth will be preconditioned and will enhance the treatment giving you better results.

Custom bleaching trays and LED treatments compliment each other with some dental professionals prescribing custom bleaching trays to be used for 7 days prior a treatment or to be used a few days after the teeth have been treated under a blue light.