In your impression kit you should have received –

1 Stamped addressed envelope
1 Blank Label
2 Packs of Putty – one blue & one white
2 Trays with handles

To start lay everything on a table – make sure you have 15 minutes with no interruptions. It is advisable to have a timing device like an egg-timer or a countdown timer on your phone as well as a mirror so you can see what’s happening.

Please watch the video a couple of times before taking your impressions.

Take the putty out of the packaging and roll into 4 equal sized balls – 2 white and 2 blue.

Place the tray in your mouth to get an idea of the feel and size, don’t worry the trays will be more comfortable when you have put the putty in them. If your tray has a detachable handle simply insert the handles before hand.

Now you will have to prepare the putty, here’s how. When the putty is mixed together it starts to set. The putty sets quickly and the mixing time is 15-20 seconds. NOT LONGER!

Do not take longer otherwise the putty will begin to set and you will not be able to get a full impression.

So, if you are ready let’s begin. Set your timer to 20 seconds. To mix the putty you will want to knead it in a folding action. Mix it till the white mixes with the blue to make a light blue colour.

When the 20 seconds are up roll it into a sausage shape about 3 inches long. Evenly place in the tray in a U shape. Don’t worry if the putty does not reach the end of the trays – we wont be using impressions of your molar teeth to make your bleaching trays.

Quickly take the tray and line up your front teeth with the centre of the putty. Push upwards – do not bite down. You want the putty to take an impression of your teeth as well as your gums so relax your lip and pull over the tray. Push the putty up in the crevice between your lip and gums.

Keep the impression tray still for 4 mins. Some putty would have come out of the slits in the tray. You can pull this putty off with your fingers to test if it is setting. When it is set it will be solid like a silicone or rubber.

When it is set remove the tray by gently twisting and repeat the process for your lower set.

Once you have completed the top and bottom set place them in the bags that the putty came in. Fill in the label with your name and postal address. This will be used to send back your trays. Place the trays and the label in the stamped addressed envelope and post.

The trays can take up to 10 working days to be delivered to you.

Here is another video showing you how to put the gel in your trays.

1. Apply the gel conservatively into the bleaching tray. Do not put too much gel in so that when you insert the tray into your mouth there is no ‘overspill’. Do not allow any of the gel to ooze out of the top of the tray onto your gums, if it does you have applied too much.

2. Repeat the same procedure for both the top and bottom trays.

3. Carefully insert the top tray into your mouth and over your teeth. Be careful not to get any gel onto your gum area. Repeat for bottom tray.

4. Use the trays every day for the first 10-14 days. Once treatment is complete use every 4-6 weeks for two or three days to remove any stains you would have picked up in that time.

If you have any questions before hand please send us an email.

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